Get Through The Day

from by Estevan Rodrigo

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Life Is Good Though:

Verse 1:
While my prerogative’s to focus on the positive
That could be the hardest shit when life’s sucking like lozenges,
When being targeted, by cold, sadistic, heartless kids
Need to take that anger and hurt, learn how to harness it
Drive it towards accomplishment, soak in the admonishment
And while it defies common sense know kindness is disarmament
Plus there’s always karma bitch so kill ‘em all with compliments
Just visualize your dream and put in work and you’ll accomplish it.
The broken promises result in growth in competence
If you avoid the pompousness then life gives what you want from it
But know the object is so much more than your own prominence
You need to find your faith in your self, then you’ll find providence
Obvious synopsis of the path to finding consciousness
Ignore all the opulence, just remain autonomous
Prioritize your godliness and put it over gaudiness
And when your feeling rotten just know, my love is bottomless
(bottomless x4 fading out)

Chorus 1:

When you feeling like life is out to get you, and
No one’s there to help you, just
Know I’ll help you get through today
I’ll help you get through the day.

Verse 2:

I had the type of day that made me wish I wasn’t born
I spilled a cup of coffee all over my motherboard
Now there’s no coffee so I can’t enjoy my butterhorn, and
Plus its 2020 and I still don’t own a hoverboard
I wanna snuggle more and have to deal with people less
Cuz’ half the city’s angry and the other halves depressed
I wanna stand for good until there’s no more evil left, but
Hatred is exhausting man and right now I just need to rest
I need a sec’ so I could redirect my energy
Cuz; as of now this anger’s ‘bout to get the best of me
And things won’t end well if i stay on this trajectory, so
Here’s a quick reminder that you’ll get what you expect from me
That’s true especially at times when life is difficult, when
You give all your love and find the feelings not reciprocal
I sit and chill with you, conversate and bullshit with you, and
Anything I have that you need, I’ll always give to you (give to you x3)

Chorus 2:

When you feeling like life is out to get you, and
No one’s there to help you, just
Know I’ll help you get through today
I’ll help you get through the day.

If you going through hell, then keep on going (going)
Then keep on going (going), then keep on going like


from A Million Ways To Live, released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Estevan Rodrigo Seattle, Washington

Estevan Rodrigo is a rapper and producer from Seattle, WA. Combining clever wordplay with catchy hooks, his first full- length solo album, A Million Ways to Live, is packed with complex rhyme schemes and wry punch lines. Estevan manages to avoid the self-aggrandizement and narcissism that plagues many hip-hop artists while still levying a large dose of swag rapping over his chilled out beats. ... more

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