Like A Photograph

from by Estevan Rodrigo

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Verse 1:
It could be anyone and, it could be anyplace
When we locked eyes I knew that angels came in many shapes
‘Cuz I was broke as hell, but felt rich anyway
Her very presence left me short on words like Hemingway
She took my breath away, baby shoes, never worn
She made me feel like I had never lost, and never mourned
She made me feel like I was always loved, never scorned
Told me to get back on my grind, the worlds my pepper corn
And I did the best that I could, to BEcome well adjusted
To for-give all the snakes, I should a never trusted
To forget all the times, when my tem-per erupted
To look myself in the mirror, without fee-ling disgusted
‘Cuz I’ve discussed it plenty, ready to move on finally
I’m looking future forward, won’t let the past define me
‘Cuz I’m a better person,than I was yesterday
Still in this present day I’lll never leave my past behind me

Dada dada da da da da dada da

Verse 2:

Didn’t believe in angels, but I sure had my demons
I guess I never made it through the final stage of grieving
Not talking fake bereavement, but total crushing loss
Can’t brush it off when you find out your soulmate is leaving
Said it was nature’s reason, you know them natural causes
But that don’t make it better, twist the cap and pass the vodka
I’ve hit the point where now I, can’t take it any longer
_ I need to reach a metamorphosis like Franz Kafka
Land on the dark side of the, moon and then wait for orbit
They said the future’s brighter if you don’t mind waiting for it.
I don’t mind waiting for it, I got the patience for it
And if I didn’t my children would fucking hate me for it
A man a faith look forward, the past forgotten ghosts
I tied up all my loose ends but then I dropped the rope
Put final words on paper but then crossed out the note
And now I can’t stop laughing even though I never got the joke

Dada dada da da da da dada da

Verse 3:
I saw my angel’s halo, it was a shade of purple
That she breathed out through her lips into a perfect circle
I french inhaled it deeply, and held it ‘til I couldn’t
Like feeling breathless ‘though my doctor says I really shouldn’t
Keep fucking with my breathing, ‘cuz accidents can happen
And I don’t wanna die yet I just wanna live with passion
So while my first reaction, might be to rest in peace
I close my eyes and breathe and focus on my memories

Dada dada da da da da dada da


from A Million Ways To Live, released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Estevan Rodrigo Seattle, Washington

Estevan Rodrigo is a rapper and producer from Seattle, WA. Combining clever wordplay with catchy hooks, his first full- length solo album, A Million Ways to Live, is packed with complex rhyme schemes and wry punch lines. Estevan manages to avoid the self-aggrandizement and narcissism that plagues many hip-hop artists while still levying a large dose of swag rapping over his chilled out beats. ... more

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